Faye Phillips

Senior Consultant
Faye is an experienced IT & digital recruiter, having helped businesses attract and hire first class talent.
Areas of Speciality
Back End Engineering
Front End Engineering

Faye is noted for her ability to uncover and attract talent in an extremely passive markets.

Her passion for advancements in technology and natural curiosity sees her at series of meet-ups, industry events and conferences, allowing her to build a deep network and long lasting connections.

She has a rich background in providing talent acquisition solutions for a series of Start-Ups, SME’s, Global Organisations, Consultancies and Agencies of all shapes and sizes in the UK, Australia & Europe which allows to her to give a deep dive market analysis of hiring trends and process both on a national and international scale.

"I pride myself understanding the DNA of a business’ I work with to assess the cultural fit along with the hard and soft skills needed to drive revenue, hit goals and increase value. Committed to giving back to my industry and ensuring I am providing value to my clients by providing deep market insights, creating communities, providing support and offering CV, portfolio and career advice”.

I pride myself on deep diving into the DNA of a business to assess the cultural fit along with the hard and soft skills needed to drive revenue, hit goals & increase value.

Outside of work...

I am a huge fan of the arts and love Film, Theatre and Live Music, you’ll usually find me frolicking at a series of festivals and live music events in the summer. I like my health and fitness and enjoy getting involved in charitable challenges and giving back to the community.

The enablers

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Co-Founder / Director
Brenton Matuszczak
Recruitment Consultant
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