James Schwab

Recruitment Consultant
James will be looking after all things Java& Go so get in touch now
Areas of Speciality
Back End Engineering
Front End Engineering

James has a strong background in hospitality management and guiding people to success.

He believes in supporting talented people with opportunities to create great outcomes. His experience in promoting culture and sharp focus on technology fosters and intuition of personality.

"James is always trying to break boundaries and believes we can find innovative solutions to the most challenging problems. Empowering people in the digital space is what excites him most about this new chapter"

James recruits across the Engineering space with a focus on all things Java & Go and the various front end frameworks that accompany it. Working with our enterprise and start-ups client base and talent network, contact James for any of your Engineering needs.

Outside of work...

Completing a Bachelor in Business Analytics, James is passionate about personal and professional development. In addition to his passion for tennis, playing board games and indulging in documentaries. He loves exploring this country's beautiful national parks and more recent struggles with the rest of us trying to catch a couple of fish.

The enablers

Trevor Marron
Accounts & Payroll Manager
James Schwab
Recruitment Consultant
William Wetherall
Client Services Manager
James Gildon
Co-Founder / Director

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