Claudio Salinas

Chief Information Officer, Blackwoods
The candidates' Latitude put forward are always exceptionally well briefed, and understand the role and the challenges entailed, so there are no surprises for them or us.

Background info

Number of staff hired through latitude:  20+

Number of years worked with Latitude: 3

The opportunity

I’ve had a standing relationship with the team at Latitude IT for a long time now. They’ve helped place me at a number of previous roles and were the ones who brought me across to Blackwoods. They’re very tuned in to understanding complex business requirements, so when I needed help with some difficult to place roles, I was quick to reach out to them.

They understand the work environment and culture surrounding business and always ensure candidates are up for the challenge before referring anyone.

The process

Latitude IT has helped us fill a large number of roles over the last few years, and we’ve always engaged them on a case-by-case basis. Not only have they been able to deliver on ad-hoc requirements for junior roles, but they’ve also been able to provide extremely quick turn around on senior placements for mission-critical projects.

There have been times when we’ve recruited with Latitude at high volumes, and they’ve been able to facilitate a highly disciplined recruitment process, providing regular status reports and holding WIPs to ensure efficiency in talent procurement.

The candidates put forward have always had the right blend of cultural fit and technical prowess, which demonstrates the care the team takes in getting an understanding of the requirements of the business, and the strength of their vetting process.

The results

The talent sourced by Latitude IT has been instrumental in helping replace a 30-year-old enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, which has been one of the flagship projects of Blackwoods digital transformation.

The skills required for understanding and developing these kinds of systems are in high demand, and Latitude has been invaluable in helping us acquire this talent quickly and at scale.

The candidates Latitude IT put forward are always exceptionally well briefed, and understand the role and the challenges entailed, so there are no surprises for them or us. Their understanding of corporate culture and how to navigate tricky management structures have also held them in high standing across Blackwoods.

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