Scott Childs

Program Director, Blackwoods
“The team at Latitude were really easy to work with. I was allowed to move at my own pace, and never felt rushed or pushed towards a role I didn’t think was suitable. I felt like they had my back throughout the entire process.”

The opportunity

Scott Childs is a Program Director and consultant, with extensive management and hands-on experience developing and leading initiatives across a range of industries.

Scott's talents really stood out for the Program Director role at Blackwoods, not only for his depth of professional experience, deep expertise in ERP business transformation and for his stakeholder management skills.

Scott has previously implemented a complex initiatives, with these skills he is integral in helping Blackwoods deliver this highly critical and large scale D365 ERP system implementation. This working knowledge, experience with key systems integrator vendors was a huge asset to both us and Scott throughout the process.  

Our process

We spent a lot of time talking to Scott, to understand his career goals and to understand the expectations of his next move to ensure he was not only technically prepared for the role, but in a headspace to meet a new challenge head-on.

There was a lot of flux in regard to the timing of the role, so it was important that we stayed in close contact with Scott and Blackwoods throughout the process to ensure both parties remained engaged and informed.

Once we’d reached the interview stages, we ensured Scott knew as much about each interviewer as possible -

“Latitude IT ensured I had a comprehensive background on every person in the room, and that I understood what each person's primary focus was, and what their priorities were in choosing a new program director.

The hiring process also involved some rigorous psychological testing which I didn’t even know you could prepare for, the Latitude IT team ensured I could perform these with confidence.

During the contract negotiation process, I really felt like they were an advocate for me, and helped strike a balance between what was attainable versus what was desirable, which can be very difficult.”

The results

Scott was successful in his application and was able to hit the ground running at Blackwoods. We were able to provide him with a library of pre-reading material to ensure he had as much prior knowledge as possible before starting the role. We also provided him with a background on key members of his team to reduce the learning curve associated with any new hire.  

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