Tony Roberts

Head of Technology & Data
“I’ll always come back to Latitude IT first. They’ve helped me develop the tools to navigate management structures in order to progress my career in technology in a wider sense. Their personalised approach is second to none.”

The opportunity

Latitude IT is a long serving recruitment partner of Wesfarmers, and has played an integral part in connecting talent with the business for new and existing roles to help expand its digital capabilities.

While hiring a new CIO, it became apparent that the IT infrastructure of the business needed an overhaul, and the technical skillset required was lacking internally. We identified Tony as an excellent candidate, with years of leadership experience as a senior technologist for large organisations, making him perfectly suited for the role.

Our process

We approached Tony directly in order to learn more about his career goals and his current working environment to see if he would be open to a new challenge. Due to budgetary reasons, his technology portfolio at his current employer was shrinking, and he was excited by the opportunity of building up a new team from scratch, so agreed to apply for the position.

We coached Tony through a rigorous interview process, including several rounds with senior management. During this time we provided advice and support for navigating a challenging and complex management structure, to ensure Tony connected with the right people to ensure his success.

“The engagement with Latitude IT helped create a low level of resistance. There was a lot of flexibility from a humane perspective which was beneficial for me starting at Wesfarmers”.

The results

Tony was able to achieve a huge amount during his time at Wesfarmers. He’s built a team of seven from a starting base of zero, and implemented robust governance programs for their IT systems. More than that, he’s been able to change the mindset of the wider organisation by getting buy-in from senior management, enabling significant investment, and enabling a consultative approach in regards to technological strategy.

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