James Gildon

Co-Founder / Director
James Gildon is a co-founder of Latitude IT and an experienced recruiter who has built multiple successful teams across IT and Digital.
Areas of Speciality
Executive Search
Back End Engineering

James Gildon is a co-founder of Latitude IT and an experienced recruiter who has built multiple successful teams across IT and Digital

James is known for his exceptional results in leading digital executive search projects at a C-suite level. He has deep insights into digital and product trends, and has worked with leaders in the sector both locally and internationally for a wide-range of businesses from start ups to large corporates.

"We really want to fuse technology and the human element together to create an experience that is second to none. Are we there yet, no but with the investment in Tech and the people we bring in are truly on the right track to create something new and innovative".

With a focus on building the best Product teams I have been fortunate enough to help scale some of Australians leading Innovation teams, product teams and some of AU fastest growing start-ups. Having worked across Product, Design and Engineering I have a great understanding of knowing what good looks like and how important it is for the heads of to work as one.

As we create a team of smart, driven individuals I am excited to build a business that fosters ideas and empower people to be the best they can be both professionally and personally. With opportunities to build something and own it I feel it is a great time to be part of Latitude

Outside of work...

If this was a few years back it would be all about football but when you rupture your achilles it is probably best to stick with golf. When I am not hacking up the golf course I will always attempt to watch the beloved Arsenal and try and attempt to sneak a couple of games in when I am back in the UK (as painful as it sometimes is watching).

I am also natural thinker and do'er, always trying to challenge and push the boundaries in everything I do.

The enablers

Derek McCormack
Senior Consultant
Gavin Murphy
Senior Consultant
Kevin Horgan
Ops, Payroll & Automation Guru
Lisa Nguyen
Accounts & Finance Manager

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