William Wetherall

Client Services Manager
A true leader who has built a successful recruitment business in the UK and now looking to build the best Cyber practice in Australia
Areas of Speciality
Cyber Security
Regulatory Compliance
Data & Analytics

After returning to Sydney after 20 years Will is a seasoned Client Services Manager with an extensive network  in both Europe and AU.  

"Will has been been recruiting across the full project lifecycle in the financial services sector since 2005 across Europe and has been on the banking and finance space go through multiple changes”.

Will believes recruitment firms must serve their communities by providing a valuable and proprietary service which enriches lives and raises the bar of their industry. He is committed to speed and precision of delivery and a superlative recruitment experience that is transparent, fun and a win for everyone.

Outside of work...

Will returned to Sydney after 20 years abroad to be closer to family and old friends.

When I’m not hunting the best of the best, I love globetrotting, chilling out with mum and dad, hanging out with my bro, performing uncle duties for his munchkins, FaceTiming my sis in San Francisco, cooking up a storm (hit and miss) and smashing myself to pieces in the gym or on the bike (middle-aged man in lycra alert!)

The enablers

James Gildon
Co-Founder / Director
Matt Moran
Client Services Manager
Brenton Matuszczak
Marketing Manager
Lisa Nguyen
Accounts & Finance Manager

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