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Advisory and board services

Your startup began with a vision for success. But it takes more than passion to accomplish your goals. If you’ve never founded a business before, or have ventured into a new vertical, you could use some expert advice. Use our services to help connect you to potential advisory board members to help guide your startup.

What is an advisory board?

An advisory board is a group of individuals that provides advice to the leadership of a business or organisation. The members can meet as a group or individually with business management. The advisory board has no legal responsibilities or fiduciary duties to the business.

Advisory board members rarely receive compensation other than equity in the business. They meet informally with founders and executives and share their knowledge in areas such as compliance, human resources and marketing.

What are the benefits of an advisory board? 

Most startups eventually find gaps in expertise among members of their leadership team. After all, even the most experienced business leaders can’t be an expert in every area of their industry.An advisory board can benefit a startup in many ways, including:

Is my business right for an advisory board? 

Is your startup hiring key staff or beginning to build sales and customer bases? Are you wondering about growth strategies or compliance? If you answered yes to any of these questions, your business can benefit from an advisory board. An advisory team can help your business make key decisions and minimise risk

 How do I form an advisory team

By using our advisory board services, we can connect you to subject matter experts across a range of industries and disciplines who specialise in working with startups. We canvas for board members that suit your business requirements, and have knowledge and experience with the problems you’re trying to solve.

Our recommendations will have: 

Why Choose Latitude

When you’re ready to form an advisory board, you want to find people who are the best fit for your startup. At Latitude IT, we specialise in matching startups with top talent to fill their advisory boards. Our extensive global network of executives, combined with the power of technology, enables us to find top advisory board talent to help you scale at pace.

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