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IT Recruitment

With over 30 years’ experience as a top IT recruitment firm, we understand the challenges and nuances of the IT talent market. 
We work closely with our clients to meet their unique organisational needs, either by augmenting their own capabilities, or managing large-scale recruitment drives.

We’re often called upon to build entire teams from the ground up, developing and implementing efficiencies and best practice processes.
Our nation-wide footprint enables us to gain access to the top IT talent in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and all capital cities across Australia.  

Our Process

Whether you require senior IT staff, management professionals or executives with a solid IT background, we can leverage our global network to find the right people for your firm or project.

As one of the top IT recruitment agencies in Australia, we leverage technology and automation to ensure not only the provision of top-quality applicants, but to create a candidate experience that uplifts your brands reputation as a top employer in the market.

We are flexible with our arrangements with our clients, and understand no two briefs are the same, but here’s a general overview of a typical engagement:

Roles we recruit

We recruit for a whole range of IT roles, including those in the following areas of specialisation:

The above list is by no means exhaustive, as the IT sector continues to grow as a major industry worldwide.

How to choose an IT recruitment firm

If you’re looking to work with a leading IT recruitment agency in Brisbane, Sydney or other Australian cities, you need to have a set of criteria to ensure you make an informed choice.

Why choose Latitude IT


Our team of dedicated recruitment consultants are specialists in their chosen areas and have a deep understanding of the nuances of different technologies, and the technical and personal skills and attributes needed to succeed within different organisations


We have a nation-wide footprint, helping our clients gain access to top IT talent in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and all capital cities across Australia.


We are passionate about helping people grow in their careers and leveraging technology to build businesses. We love helping organisations achieve success by ensuring they have the key talent to support their objectives for the long term.


Our processes ensure we deliver the highest caliber candidates within strict deadlines


We pride ourselves on our diverse range of candidates, and understand the importance of fighting for gender equality, especially in IT and technology. One in very four candidates we place is from a diverse background and gender, and we are striving towards gender parity in our C-suite placements.

If you’re an organisation looking to build an outstanding IT team for a specific project or your company, we can help you fulfil your objectives.

Our people, technology, resources and capabilities can help you find the right talent to fulfil your project requirements and drive growth within your business.

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