ELX2: The Rise & Fall of Tech companies in a Downturn

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July 21, 2022

ELX2: The Rise & Fall of Tech companies in a Downturn

Following recent events in the US with over-inflated Tech companies, we take a deep dive into what VCs are now looking at when investing, we look at the approaches Engineering leaders take when they need to do more with less and we look at disruption vs innovation and how companies approach this in a downturn in order to stay relevant - let's face it some of today's biggest tech companies came out of downturns.
The ELX event explores how Australia's leading VCs & tech companies are positioning themselves for the knock-on event
5:30 Welcome drinks
6:00 Talk commences
7:00 Networking
Pizza and refreshments will be provided.
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James, Kate, Adi & Simon

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