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Permanent Recruitment

At Latitude IT, we specialise in sourcing top talent for roles across the IT, digital, technology and product verticals. 

We have successfully recruited talented candidates for permanent positions and matched them with our top clients. 

Our nation-wide footprint enables us to gain access to the top IT talent in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and all capital cities across Australia.  

Our process

Our recruitment process occurs across three stages.

1. Define and search

We establish clear parameters on what makes an ideal candidate for a particular role based on a well-defined client brief.

Validate candidatesWe authenticate all the information on the candidate’s resume. The main aspects we look at are career history and achievements. We then organise an initial internal face-to-face interview and present the list of the shortlisted candidates to you.

2. Develop and deliver

At this stage, we develop a shortlist of the best candidates. This step streamlines the hiring process by ensuring every candidate who makes it to the shortlist is already vetted and pre-qualified. 

3. Execute and review

Finally, once you have identified a candidate to be the best fit for the role, we conduct some final checks, negotiations and manage all necessary documentation until the candidate's placement in your company is finalised.

How to choose a recruitment firm

With so many recruitment firms out there, it can be overwhelming to choose the best. Here are tips to help you choose the best.

Why Choose Latitude IT

Experience and expertise
We have a dedicated team of recruitment professionals with extensive experience and expertise in the IT and digitals pace. With 30 years of experience recruiting candidates for the IT industry, we have deep and unique insights into the domain. 

Global network

We’ve worked hard over the years to build a global network that includes Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States. Our global and specialised network means that you can easily access senior executives to speed up your company’s growth. 

Fast turnaround
Our technology-oriented processes ensure the recruitment of top-quality talent within shorter timeframes. 

We understand that diversity can positively impact an organisation. That’s why one in four of the candidates we recruit is from a diverse background. 

We are the leader when it comes to the delivery of top-quality talent to some of Australia’s private companies and government entities in the IT industry.

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