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Retained Search

At Latitude IT, we understand how difficult it can be to fill roles that require specialised skills or experience. If you post the role to a mass job board, you may be flooded with unqualified applications, which can be time consuming and inefficient to sift through.

Our retained search service offers a better way to find candidates for your niche roles.

What Is Retained Search?

Retained search is a proactive means of filling unique roles that require high levels of technical skill or specific experience. An executive search is an exclusive relationship between Latitude IT, the candidates we exclusively work with, and your business in order to fill a specified number of roles. 

This is different from standard recruitment services as normally the relationship between recruiter and client is non-exclusive. Often, the client's internal human resources or talent acquisition teams are also trying to fill the role. The role may be posted on job boards, advertisements and social media. This competition can lead to speed over quality. It may dilute the focus the recruiter has on finding the right candidate. It is easy for the recruiter to neglect your job in order to work on an easier brief.  

Why Use a Retained Search Firm?

There are several advantages to choosing a retained search firm such as Latitude IT versus a contingency recruiting strategy. These include:

Is My Business Right for Retained Searches?

If you are looking to fill C-Suite executive roles, or those requiring high levels of technical skill, or fill multiple roles in quick succession, a retained search strategy may be the best option for your business.

Engaging a retained search partner ensures you receive a stream of quality, vetted candidates, taking the legwork out of your human resources activities so you can focus on your primary business objectives.

Our retained search process

At Latitude IT, our firm goes through a rigorous process to ensure that the correct employer is matched with the perfect employee.

Define and Search

The Latitude team will meet with you to understand your needs for a new hire. We will develop a robust candidate profile. We will take time to understand your corporate culture, establish project timelines, define your budget and determine a mutual definition of project success. 

We then engage our existing and sourced talent pools to create an initial long list of candidates based on aptitude, cognitive ability, career history and expertise. We validate this long list of candidates through an internal face to face interview screening and thorough aptitude assessment until we have narrowed down a shortlist.

Develop and Deliver

During this stage, we will engage in a dialogue with our clients to clarify benefits, salary, and other essential information needed by potential employees. Then arrangements for final interviews will be made.

Execute and Review

We work with you to discuss our search rationale to flag key strengths and weaknesses of each candidate. Latitude IT checks the professional references of the potential candidates to confirm their relevance  and fit for your company. The Latitude team will negotiate the salary and role offer to the potential candidate  on the client’s behalf, making sure the remuneration package is aligned to meet the candidate and market expectations. 

Following placement and candidate onboarding , Latitude IT will continue to work with the candidate and the company throughout the probation period to ensure that all parties are satisfied with the role and candidate’s performance.

How Do I Choose a Retained Search Firm?

At Latitude IT, our firm goes through a rigorous process to ensure that the correct employer is matched with the perfect employee.

Define and Search

Your retained search firm should understand your company goals, be ethical and accountable, and not be afraid to think outside of the box in delivering a quality experience. 

At Latitude IT, our background and skills check are rigorous to ensure quality candidates. We use technology to enable a search of the extensive network of talent we have built over the years. Our subject matter experts across diverse employment fields ensure we exceed your expectations in matching you and your new employee.

If you are looking to hire an organisation that will find a candidate to work for you for years to come, Latitude IT is the right retained search firm for you.

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